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Program Title:

“Effective Communication for Influence and Resolutions”

MCLE (Missouri Bar) course ID is 731305

Key Take-Aways:

  • How to connect with prospects and clients in such a way that they know you are the one to trust with their concerns
  • How to effectively understand and negotiate with opposing counsel for more favorable resolutions
  • How to influence others in ethical yet powerful ways
  • How to look in the mirror and see what mindsets you are bringing into your interactions with others
  • And as a bonus, how to improve pretty much every relationship you have in business and life
  • Augments DEI efforts


Options range from a 55-minute lunch and learn to a half-day workshop with different levels of interactivity.

About Keith:

Keith Haddrill is a Certified Master Hypnotist, a Certified Master Practitioner of NLP, and a Certified Executive Coach. He has spoken to thousands of audiences all over the world, and he has coached countless individuals to achieve incredible transformations in their lives and careers. He is also a professional entertainer, so this program might just be more fun than usual. (No one will be hypnotized during his presentation.)

Unforgettable presentations that amplify your results.™

Response from Attendees:

“Keith, another attorney just told me that you were the best speaker we had this year…congrats!” – Chris Ruzicka

“Thanks for the great presentation today! I found it fascinating!” – Lauren McNeely

“I have four (corporate) clients who need this talk!” – Holly Perryman

“Excellent lunch and learn! Knowing how to connect with people is essential to any market or industry.” – Anonymous Survey Response

“This was a fantastic Webinar. Keith did an amazing job keeping his audience engaged, which I know is really tough in a virtual environment. He had my full attention.” – Anonymous Survey Response

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