Entertainment Will Make or Break Your Event.

Discover your worry-free, custom-tailored solution right here!

Will Make
Or Break
Your Event.

Discover your worry-free, custom-tailored solution
right here!

You want an entertainer who:

  • Understands that your reputation is in their care.
  • Makes sure you hear lots of positive comments after the show
  • Leaves them laughing together long after the event is over
  • Offends no one in these sensitive times
  • Is charming and professional off-stage as well as on-stage
  • Manages everything he needs so you are free to focus on the other demands of event hosting.
  • Gives you a 45 to 60-minute vacation during the event.



Lovable Characters

Clean Humor

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My job is to make your job easier and worry-free!

I perform at corporate events with the ease and confidence that comes from being a master at my craft.  I treat every event as my top priority and bring the best of my abilities to make you look good.

Corporate Safe Humor

Corporate appropriate in today’s world means more than just being “clean”.  Keith’s charming brand of humor, delivered through his lovable characters, is good clean fun for everyone regardless of race, political affiliation, gender, age, or choice of grocery bag.  (The ‘paper, plastic, or reusable’ choice continues to divide the nation.)

Keith’s goal is for us all to experience laughter (and optional learning) together as a unifying force.

Custom-Written Laughs

Keith incorporates your inside jokes, hot topics, class clown, and other laughs that your audience will really respond well to!

They will think the program was written entirely for them!

Custom-Written Content

Keith has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of motivation and training. He can easily incorporate custom educational content into his presentation in a way that your audience will easily accept and remember.

It’s amazing how much a “dummy” can make you think!

Engaging and Participative

You pre-select everyone who will find themselves involved in the show.  That way, you know they will be the people who enjoy their time in the limelight!

Your participants will be involved – both on stage and from their seats – in a fun and respectful manner.

Worry Free, Simple and Easy for You

Keith knows you have more than enough event planning details to keep up with. His goal is to make your job easier, not harder. He’s got you covered.

He’ll come very well prepared and in tip-top shape to perform.

He’ll make sure the staging is right to provide the best presentation possible. He will work directly with the venue staff to make whatever preparations he feels are necessary without bothering you!

Keith is a veteran world traveler. Many times, he has had to innovate travel solutions through nearly impossible circumstances that Indiana Jones would envy just to get to a performance venue in time to do a great program.

Whenever possible, Keith also brings everything he needs to perform.

And he is up to date on all his shots.

Need a Virtual Keynote?

Let’s face it. Online meetings have their challenges. Attendees are easily distracted. They get bored fast, and they do not have the social energy or influence to stay attentive like they do with in-person meetings. Sometimes it’s hard to get them to show up at all!

Once again, Keith and Company to the rescue! We have spared no expense in building our state-of-the-art studio so we can now deliver our uniquely hilarious brand of humor to your online events!

And it’s still very participative!  Keith’s characters will engage members of the audience just like they do for in-person events!

Wake them up! Get them laughing! Show them you appreciate their attendance, and leave them happy they attended!

Fill out the form at the bottom of the page to request a demo video of a virtual performance.

As Featured For:

As Seen On:


“On behalf of everyone at EMI, we would like to thank you for the tremendous performance you gave us to help wrap up our Enlighted Wealth Retreat.  We were very impressed with the life, the humor, and the wisdom you are able to breathe into ‘Grampa’ with your talents.  You quickly captured and held the attention of our large audience.

What ‘Grampa’ said was very profound!  In just a few short sentences, he (you) encapsulated one of the core concepts upon which EMI is based.  You conveyed your point in a way that made it easy for our people to accept it and retain it.  You really made an impact!  I couldn’t have said it better myself.  In fact, during our closing remarks, we joked about how a ‘dummy’ spoke more effectively than we did.

We would happily recommend you to any organization looking for an entertaining, engaging, and thought-provoking speaker.  Keep up the good work!”

Mark Victor Hansen & Robert G. Allen

Co-Founders, Enlightened Millionaire Institute

“I just wanted to thank you again for making our exhibitor/lecturer banquet such a huge success!  Every single person told me how great you were as they left the room.  You are worth gold.  We talked about your show the whole week.

Jack Champaigne

President & CEO, Electronics, Inc.

“Great job on the show at the conVENTion…  Some very funny stuff.  You’re doing great!”

Jeff Dunham


“Keith Haddrill is one of the most innovative and creative ventriloquists I have seen in many years.

Dan Abrahamsen

President & CEO, DCA Productions

“Keith Haddrill is a very creative, compelling and inspiring performer.  In just four minutes, he showed our trainees almost everything we wanted them to take away from our seminar.  …  Book him while you can.

Bob Circosta

President & CEO, Circosta Communications

“Your presentation was the hit of our conference!  We had so many people tell us how much they enjoyed your talents.  You are very funny!

LaVonda Pyle

Executive Director, Missouri NAHRO Fall Conference

“We have heard nothing but glowing reviews from our guests.  Many commented on your skills.  Others commented on how funny your shows were, and just about everyone appreciated how much you custom-tailored your material to our celebration.

Jeff Lefton

President & CEO, Lefton Productions

“I want to thank you for making us look so good to our attendees.  Everyone talked about you and your presentation throughout the rest of our conference!  The laughter you gave us made our entire meeting more fun, which helped us develop a stronger rapport with the key players in our market.

Steve Remspecher

Director Marketing, Nestlé Purina PetCare

“Great feedback.  Audience participation and involvement was excellent with tailored content for our firm.” 

Rodger Steffen

Regional Director, Edward Jones - Joplin Region

No Guesswork.  Watch an Entire Show!

We could take a lot off your plate with a quick, simple, no-pressure, pre-decision conversation.

I am here to serve.
If we are not a good fit for each other,
I will know someone who will fit your needs!

We could take a lot off your plate with a quick, simple, no-pressure, pre-decision conversation.

I am here to serve.
If we are not a good fit for each other,
I will know someone who will fit your needs!

It’s amazing how much a “dummy” can make you think!