A Custom Team Development Program Proposal for Carmody MacDonald

A Custom Team Development Program Proposal for Carmody MacDonald

Hey Chris!  

Here is the custom proposal you requested for the lunch and learn in October for Carmody MacDonald.

You want about 45 to 60 minutes over lunch for about 30 to 35 attorneys who want to show up to improve their skills and, of course, get those CLE credits!

The talk I propose checks a lot of boxes for boosting vital skills that all attorneys need to have:

    • How to relate better to their clients
    • How to better understand and negotiate with opposing counsel
    • How to influence others in ethical yet powerful ways
    • How to look in the mirror and see what mindsets they are bringing into their interactions with others
    • And as an added bonus, how to improve pretty much every relationship they have in business and in life
    • Augments DEI efforts

I’m going to give you two links below because I’m thinking I may pull from both talks to give you a completely custom-tailored solution based on your goals.  I pride myself on being able to pull from lots of educational content pieces for each of my in-house training clients.

Let’s put our heads together and give your team an experience, unlike anything they have had before!


Links mentioned in the video:

Normally $2,500 for a local lunch and learn.

Discount of $750 for all of your help with networking options.  🙂

Net fee:  $1,750

Available dates:
October 3, 4, 5
October 18, 19
October 24,25

These dates will be booked on a first-come, first-served basis until you and I lock in a date.

Our Next Step Together:

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