What If We Could Build (Or Rebuild) Great Relationships in Business and Life In Spite of Being Divided?

The Challenge

Our nation is severely and extremely divided along many fronts

  • Political divides
  • Law enforcement issues
  • Racial divides
  • Gender identity divides
  • Generational divides
  • Moral divides
  • Cat people vs. dog people
  • Gas vs. electric cars
  • Gas vs. electric stoves
  • Paper or plastic at checkout

In this climate of extreme, one-sided, reactionary thinking, most people are building entire belief systems and drawing tribal lines based on single sound bites and viral memes.

Along each divide, both sides are shouting at the tops of their lungs at each other while neither side is listening. Meanwhile, there’s a growing number of us in the middle just wishing everyone could start actually thinking and listening and compromising and just plain getting along.


It Affects All of Us

This climate of choosing sides over every potential issue is affecting our work lives, our social lives, and our family lives far more than we realize. Many managers, teachers, and parents are tearing their hair out trying to keep the team, the classroom, and the family together. And most everyone thinks “there’s nothing I can do”.

Everyone is looking for a national leader who can reunite our divided nation. No political leader is going to reunite our divided nation because any politician who truly wants reunification will never get support from either main political party – nor will they get the votes.

Unfortunately, divisiveness sells. Top marketers and top political advisors purposefully divide us.

Some of us are trying to bring about change and educate the masses, but it’s not enough because we are trying to do so with “logic” and “facts”.  Unfortunately, people defend their stances with their own “logic” and “facts”.  At best, it’s lip service to an audience of people on the other side folding their arms and rolling their eyes.

Here’s the deal

Neither side of any divide is going to get what they want while the other side is equally determined to get what they want.

Read that last statement over and over until you truly get it.


It’s Up to Us

No leader, no space alien, no Avenger is going to come down from on high to save us. If we are to heal a divided nation, we the people must be the ones to start a peaceful and enlightened revolution of evolution. Let’s resolve to evolve into higher beings than primitive tribal warriors, and let’s seek to ALL win by truly understanding and learning from each other.


Your Personal and Professional Relationships Matter Most

We the people can start healing our nation two people at a time. Then one family at a time, one group at a time, one company at a time, one city at a time, and so forth and so on.

Believe it or not, even though all the big divides may be prompted and encouraged by big media and social media manipulation, they are really born at home, two people at a time.

I’m willing to bet that you have at least one relationship – at work or in your personal life – that causes you concern from time to time. If you are like the rest of us, you have at least one person in your life who thinks very differently than you do, and it probably feels surprising, uncomfortable, and hard to understand at times.

We can make each of those relationships much, much better.



The good news is that every mentally healthy human on the planet shares the same common ground.

We all have the exact same core structure at the subconscious level that makes us all “tick”. It’s where our individual belief structures are built; it’s where we attach emotional meaning to taking a side; and it, therefore, holds the hidden secrets to why each of us finds certain things to be “good” or “bad” in such absolute terms.


Anyone Can Learn to Tap Into This Core Level of Connection

In my book, I teach a curated set of conversational power tools in simple language that anyone can learn. These tools will enable you to truly connect across divides at the core subconscious level without getting into the weeds of politics, race, gender, age, or any other surface-level demographic.

You will be able to understand yourself and others more deeply than ever before, and you will be able to communicate in such a way that all sides of a divide can truly feel heard and understood.

Whether you are a manager, a teacher, a parent, or any non-hermit, this book can vastly improve almost every relationship you have – even when you have differences. It will also empower you to resolve the conflicts of others.

      • Let go of the win/lose mindset and set a goal to:
        • Get back to love and understanding with family
        • Create friendship and cooperation with coworkers, etc.
      • Truly understand the meaning and emotion that each side holds onto in any conflict.
        • Trust me. It’s never based on logic.
        • Learn to understand why taking a side becomes so important and how to deflate that importance into unemotional data that can be rationally evaluated.
      • Transform into a team with a common goal to work out the issue together.
        • This is a key mind shift where both sides are at odds with the division rather than with each other.

With practice, we can turn our divides into synergistic opportunities to grow together and discover new solutions for the issues that both sides ultimately want to solve.

      • Manage people better
      • Enjoy better work relationships with associates
      • Be a more effective parent
      • Rekindle love
      • Become a positive influence in your community

We can also learn to recognize and guard against influencers who purposefully seek to divide us for their own gain.


This is a Mission Statement

For me, this is about way more than a book. The book is just step one. We need to create a wave of culture change from the ground up, and this wave will be generated when we each start creating enough ripples in the pond – one conversation at a time.

Who is with me?!!?


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About the Author

Keith Haddrill has been an avid student of human behavior and human thought processes his entire life.  He is a Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), a Certified Coach, a Certified Master Hypnotist, and a member of Mensa.  He also holds multiple specialty certifications in the fields of hypnosis and NLP.  He has entertained and enlightened thousands of audiences around the world using world-class ventriloquism, magic, hypnosis, and humor to transform teams for the better in fun and disarming ways.

About the Book

The Division Code (working title) is based on Keith’s breakthrough team development program, “Effective Communication Across Divides”™.

Written in easy-to-understand language, the book will empower the reader to truly understand and communicate to others in a deeply personal, highly effective, and yet safe way so that disagreements can become agreements to learn and grow together.

About the Live Training Program

Keith’s “Effective Communication Across Divides” Team Development Program has been a proven hit since he debuted it in early 2022.  The program has engendered lots of engagement from attendees, and Keith’s versatility allows the presentation to be custom-tailored even during the session.  The program can fit into 45 minutes or go for two hours.

This program can be packaged with Keith’s Magic of Collaboration Team Building Activity for a half-day event, and it can also be a kickoff to Keith’s executive coaching packages.

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For a fun example of exactly what is happening in our nation, watch the scene from Monty Python’s “Life of Brian” where everyone starts to follow Brian because they think he is the Messiah. Everyone immediately starts dividing into denominations and sects based on the silliest random things that happen in a matter of minutes.

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