For DEI, Conflict Resolution, Team-Building, or Managing Difficult People:

“Effective Communication Across Divides” Focuses on Creating Better Understanding Across All Differences at the Core of Human Dynamics.

Understanding Different “Models of the World”

A Power Tool to Bridge Understanding

How We See Others

Connection Language Patterns

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People are typically “difficult”, divided, or prone to conflict because their beliefs and emotional needs either differ from ours or differ from the workplace culture you want to engender.

These differences are far more often based on individual belief structures than on cultural backgrounds.

ECAD avoids the specifics of differences based on race, gender, politics, religion, or generation, and focuses on effective communication and greater understanding across all differences at the very core of human dynamics.

After all, most people are different from each other in some way.

Key Takeaways:

    • Learn 3 power tools that will empower you to improve all of your relationships.
    • Learn to understand what drives the behavior of others, find common ground with them, and build a better working rapport.
    • Learn what drives your own behavior and how that can affect how you work with others.
    • Learn key phrases you can use as tools to break down barriers and build bridges.

"I have four clients that need this program!"

Holly Perryman, CEO of HR Managed, works with several small companies as their outsourced HR Director.  She came running up to Keith after this talk and said, “I have 4 clients that need this program!”

"Keith did a tremendous job!"

“Keith did a tremendous job.  I wish more people could have been there.  Everyone needs to see this!”  – Halina Conti, Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.

Survey Monkey Quote after an ECAD Webinar for SHRM-STL

“Excellent lunch and learn! Knowing how to connect with people is essential to any market or industry.”   5/26/2022 07:05 AM

Survey Monkey Quote after an ECAD Webinar for SHRM-STL

“This was a fantastic Webinar. Keith did an amazing job keeping his audience engaged, which I know is really tough in a virtual environment. He had my full attention (which is also tough in a virtual environment).”  5/25/2022 12:52 PM

Half-Day Team-Strengthening Option

This program is a great companion piece to the Magic of Collaboration Team Building Activity.

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