Avoid Awkward.  Create Awesome.

Planning Your Company’s Holiday Party is an Amazing Opportunity for You – And I Want to Help You Get All the Credit for a Job Well Done.

Planning Your Company’s Holiday Party is an Amazing Opportunity for You – And I Want to Help You Get All the Credit for a Job Well Done.

Planning your company’s annual party means all eyes are on you!

I want to help make you look good and make your job easier! It’s what I do. Most company parties have that awkward feel. I make them anything but awkward. I go for the opposite of awkward.

And you get the credit for planning a great event!

I make sure your guests will be

        • Laughing out loud together
        • Dropping their jaws in amazement
        • Creating great new memories
        • Talking and smiling about it for weeks afterward
        • Letting you know how much they enjoyed your event
        • NOT feeling offended in any way

I make sure you feel like

        • Your reputation is in good hands
        • I take tasks off your plate instead of adding more on
        • You get a 45 to 60 minute vacation during the event
        • You are free to focus on other event planning details

And if I’m not a good fit, I can get you someone who is. I’m always happy to be the connector of solutions. Fair enough?

Avoid the awkward.  Create the awesome!

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Three Party Activity Ideas You Can Steal

To make your job easier, I thought I’d share some activity ideas that I’ve seen others do that you can steal if you want. I’ve seen a lot of corporate events during my 32-year career.  I chose these because they can be done in almost any conference room and because … well, they are just plain fun.

Photo Booth

Watch your fellow employees ham it up for their phone cameras!  Props and masks on sticks are covid proof and can be hilarious.  Click here for an example.

Add a couple of fun backgrounds for them to stand in front of to make the selfies complete.  You can do this either by having banners made.

  1. Download some background images.  Pixabay is a good source.
  2. Have banners made from the images you choose.  Be sure to include your logo in a corner!  I like this company.
  3. Place them where lighting is pretty even.

You could also rent a pop-up green screen to allow for multiple background scenes.

(These are not affiliate links.  They are just ideas for you.)

Dress As a TV Show

Each table, group, or department dresses up as the characters of a TV show.  Have a contest.  You can randomly select judges or have a popular vote.

Having a popular vote will encourage people to walk around the room to see what the other groups did.

I actually did that once in an event I attended. We were the characters from Carol Burnett’s Mama’s Family, and I got to be Naomi.  No, there won’t be a picture attached.  lol

Your Company’s Got Talent

Volunteers team up. Each team learns a simple magic trick. Then each team tells a story of something fun that happened at work.  They tie the story into the magic trick.

Other volunteers can act as celebrity judges and the whole audience votes!

This one causes some concern at first, but it is a proven hit once they get into it.  There are a lot of moving parts, and I am here to answer any questions you may have.

This is one of my programs, so I can facilitate all of the details for you if you are interested.  😉

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