This is the third one I did.  It’s purposefully “real” as opposed to rote.  At the end, I ask the students if they like the vent addition.  It was a resounding yes!

Murray, the Amazing Macaw

I plan to add a true mentalism element to the end of the mind-reading skit.

Talking Farm Animals

This one needs some more work.  I’ve made adjustments to the scripting and will test it again this weekend.  This is taken directly from a vent routine I’ve done for 20 years.  It’s been difficult to figure out how to work it into a hypnosis skit, but I think this method will work pretty well.  

This clip will just give you an idea of what I’m trying to do.

Elbow inspectors get in the way of the camera as they do their job in the audience.

More To Come

Two more skits on the drawing board are:

1.  Adding vent to the voodoo doll bit with the puppet I’ve always used for that.

2.  New dog training with my basset hound character, Lou.  “You have just become dogs; however, you have no idea how to be a dog.  So Lou is here to train you.”

I’m also very open to any new ideas!