Keith Haddrill Presents Magical Experiences for Your Guests

I get it.  You really don’t care about the magic.  You care about your customers’ experience at your event, and you care about how the magician you hire represents your brand.  

Of course, the magic has to be good.  That goes without saying.  It has to be of professional quality.

But a magical experience for your attendees requires more than just finesse with playing cards and props.  You want someone who is guaranteed to be charming, funny, and engaging.  Someone who has years of experience creating a nearly instant rapport with a group of strangers and leaving them feeling like they enjoyed something very special together – thanks to you and your brand.  

The magic trick is just the vehicle.  It’s almost secondary.  The real magic is how I make your guests feel.

And while your guests are feeling good, why not have me throw in some custom-tailored scripting?  I’m pretty gifted at highlighting key takeaways you want your customers to remember long after your event is over.

That’s the Keith Haddrill difference.

Proposal for
The Diamond Family

I recommend 2 hours of strolling, close-up magic during the peak time of attendance for your event.

$997 with standard scripting

$1,197 with custom scripting

Call or text 314-322-6055
to lock in November 9th!