For Gayle

The cutest, prettiest, sweetest, bounciest, most fun, and most adorable hottie I’ve met in a very long time, who likes ping pong, mini-golf, board games, outdoor adventures, and laughter as much as I do, who is a very good coach for her client friends, and who is a very welcome distraction for me.  🥰

This was for a friend who coaches kids with autism

I rarely get to use Teddy, so I always enjoy working with him.

This was a quick and fun little bit

This is Myrtle Mae.

Eyes Without A Face Composite

I’m really proud of this one.  I did it in one very intesnse day.

Full Ventriloquist Show

This was my first in-person show after over a year from the pandemic.  I gave them over an hour!

Speaking to Influence (Wed Sept 15)

The sound is awful!  Ugh!  Anyway, you asked for it.  Really sorry I didn’t have the super sound camera recording it.

Stress Management Presentation

This is the one I did two weeks ago that I actually got paid for.  I open with Grampa and finish with a group hypnosis session.

Stress Management Roundtable (Virtual)

This was one I did with another speaker, Sandra Pager, for the Chamber of Commerce.

"Stop Rolling Your Eyes and Try It!" - How to Influence

This is the talk I gave to The Society of HR Managers in St. Louis for their HR Dept of One Series.